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U.S. Patent Fire Protection Product for Your Home or Business

Fire Escape Stairs

Our mission:
To become a Leading Universal Fire Protec
tion System Company

About the Patented Product

Our fire-retardant tarp will stay in a storage area until needed and will be powered by two motors one on each side of the house.


Also, sensors are slated to be in the home to track if there are fires within 10 to 30 miles away. The sensors will let you know if there is a large fire in the area and it will automatically open the tarp storage area and the motors will start to pull the tarp over your home or business structure. This is extremely important when it comes to wildfires. 

With the automatic fireproof tarp system comes a tank that's filled and built like a sprinkler system that will sprinkle the yard so the fire will not burn the grass too.

App Sensor Tracking

Sensors will track if there are large fires in the area

Automatic Protection

A retractable system that may be automatically deployed 


Fire-protection covering over your building or home structure

Onsite Storage Area

A covering that is stowed onsite after the threat has passed

Why Work with & Buy from Us

Major Fires in the News

“Car repair mishap led to massive fire at industrial building in Schaumburg.”

“Family displaced after their home suffers major damage in morning fire.”

"$490 million for wildfire prevention due to ongoing “megadrought” conditions in the West..."

Learn More About Our Product

Fill out the form to inquire about our U.S. Fire Protection System Patent. Join our mission to save lives and protect properties from fires.

Service Areas:

United States Businesses and Homes


We're based in Temple, Texas

Important Note:

Inquire to set up a phone call to discuss investment opportunities, partnerships, sponsorships, distribution and manufacturing. 

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